COKYASAR HOLDING were founded by our honorary president Ahmet Çokyaşar in 1973. COKYASAR HOLDING is an industrial company that currently serves many sectors, such as energy, infrastructure, cable, automotive, construction, agriculture and environmental security systems sector, with a wide value added product range that include wires and wire products, particularly hot dip galvanized wires. Headquarter of COKYASAR HOLDING is located in Istanbul. The production facilities are in Istanbul, Adana, Duzce and Elbasan/Albania.

COKYASAR HOLDING, the leading company in its own sector, has more than 200 thousand tons annual production capacity with approximately 1.000 employees and 6 giant production facilities. The cooperation is also one of the most prominent industrial enterprises that have made their way to the list of top 500 exporters and these industrial firms in Turkey with 200 million USD annual turnover.

COKYASAR HOLDING has been exporting the products 80 countries in all over the World, especially to Europe, Middle East and South America, North America.

Operating with the experience and expertise brought on by more than 65 years in trade and manufacturing of industrial products, COKYASAR HOLDING maintains its mission for the sector with awareness of responsibility, also it has undertaken for adding value to its customers and to Turkish economy.

COKYASAR HOLDING has proven its devotion to its customers, quality, employees and environment through OHSAS, 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001,TSE EN 10244-2, TSE EN 10223-6, and TSE EN 10223-7 certifications.

Our companies, which operate in steel wire and aluminum sector, have been united a single source under the roof of COKYASAR HOLDING as a corporate change Project.


  • Working customer-oriented
  • Adopting a modern and innovative approach in meeting sector and customer needs
  • Embracing integrity, sincerity and reliability as core values
  • Conducting business with ethical values in mind
  • We observe the compliance of all our activities with our sustainability strategy against the environment and social values.

Our mission is to become a customer-oriented, reliable and environmentally responsible organization that offers accurate and fast solutions in the face of constantly changing customer needs by adopting continuous development and improvement as its main principle.


Our vision is to rank among the top 3 companies in our sector across European.

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