As Çokyaşar family, we are working to improve and improve the Human Resources Management Process day by day, with the awareness that success in today's society and businesses depends on the development of human resources rather than developing technological resources.

It sets reliable, ethical values, open to change, market-oriented, entrepreneurial, innovative, challenging goals and works at high pace to achieve them; For individuals who are open to collaboration and have a participatory profile, our main goal is to ensure the continuity of being a community that they will be happy to work with.



Çokyaşar Holding continues to grow by incorporating candidates who can carry their strong brand image, deep-rooted experience and expertise to the future, adapt rapidly to corporate culture and be open to development and change, and make a difference with their work.

Our company, which prioritizes the competencies and potential of candidates in the selection and placement process, provides career and development opportunities to young people with high potential, as well as experienced employees, as well as young people with high potential.

It is our priority to give opportunities to employees within the company if there are skills appropriate for the competencies required for open positions. In the event that there are no suitable candidates for internal recruitment, the external recruitment process starts with various announcements and channels.

Our ads All job applications made to our internet and our website or directly through the Human Resources department. Applications are pre-screened according to pre-determined criteria for positions open by our experts. Candidates who meet the criteria are invited to the interview and the most correct candidate is tried to be included in the Çokyaşar family.



You can send an e-mail to insankaynaklari@cokyasarholding.com.tr to make your job applications and contact our Human Resources Department.

Your resume must be taken to our records, and you will be contacted in case of need. All your applications will be kept confidential.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in our company.



Holding Çokyaş is made to invest in training and development of employees, it is essential to be associated with both employees to create value for both companies and the community and the strategic objectives of the company.

It is aimed that the employees take on the responsibility of their own development and learn continuously, improve themselves and their works, and the managers support and guide their employees with the coaching and mentoring process



Compensation Management; current wage policy in the market, the company's size, taking into account long-term objectives created using the wage policies, labor sizes of people, performance, companies considering internal and external charge balance is maintained in accordance with legal requirements.

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